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Implementation Steps:

Executive Summary:

  • User Creation – Build Spreadsheet

  • Call Flows – 90 Minute Setup Meeting

  • Optional Porting information

  • Optional Phone Provisioning

  • Port Date - 90 Minute Staff Training


User Creation:

Please download and fill out the following document green areas:

Call Flows:
  • Start thinking about how you want calls to be routed.

  • Capabilities are:

    • Auto Attendant (AA) – Plays a message and then offers Press 1 for this, Press 2 for that, etc.

    • Hunt Group (HG) – Caller hears ringing, and a Hunt Group can ring one or more phones

    • Queue (Q) – Callers hear a message (Entry Message – can be mandatory) then music while they wait, then an optional Comfort Message (we are working hard to get to you), then more music, then an Exit Message (we tried really hard, please leave a voice message).  Users can sign in and out of Queues as their availability changes.

      • New feature: leave your number for a call back without losing your place in line - requires people to log in and log out of the queue appropriately for this to work.

    • Call Park (CP) – button on your phone where you can place a call and anyone else with that button can pick it up.  This is a visual way of transferring a call usually used by business that have people moving around a lot…. retail, restaurants, warehouses, etc.

    • Intercom (I) – uses phone speakers as an intercom, usually used in conjunction with Call Park above

    • You can mix and match these features any way that makes sense for your business.  For example, you can have an AA that says press 1 for Service and that may point to a Queue for Service people.

  • We need to decide how calls are routed during business hours and after hours.  So, you can vary the behaviors above depending upon time of day and day of week.

    • One quick note on this, many folks want a Company Voice Mail box.  That is possible, but we recommend it only for Voice Mail to Email.  If you use a person’s email box as your company email box, they will get notifications on voice mails in the App and on their Phone.  You get no such notifications from a Company Email Box.

  • Once you have an idea regarding the items above, we will schedule a 90-minute meeting to program this system to match what you want. 

  • Please note: Your team will be responsible for recording any messages needed to cover the AA or Queues your select to have.  If you would like professional recordings done, Virtual Guardians can refer you appropriately upon request.

(Optional) Porting Information:
  • You can skip these steps if you are getting a new number.

    • We will assign your account a temporary phone number at this time to test with, so you can be sure your features and recordings behave as you wish.

    • We will also schedule your number port at this time.  We will need the following items:

      • A copy of your current billing statement from your provider that is less than 30 days old.

      • The name and contact information of the authorized person on that account.

      • Any PIN number that is securing that account

      • Written permission from that person to sign the Cisco Letter of Authorization on their behalf.

(Optional) Phone Provisioning:
  • You should have the phones plugged in to both power and the Internet for this meeting.  We will provision the phones so that we can use them for testing.  The phones should come up to a screen looking for an Activation Code.  We will show you how to supply this code and will help you get all of the phones provisioned at this time.  Please make sure that someone with physical access to the phone is available for us to send the number and confirm that the phones have accepted it and come online.

  • Please note, DECT portable phones have a special process, as do ATAs for Fax machines.  We will go over this process when we meet.

 Port Date - 90 Minute Staff Training
  • Once the port is scheduled, we will schedule a 90-minute meeting with the entire team to do training.  The training overview is available below, and we will share it again with the whole group on the invite for training.  We usually schedule that for porting day and record the meeting.  We make the recording available to you after the training so you can use it with any new folks you bring on board.  It usually takes 45-1 hour, but we like to block 90 minutes in case there are a lot of questions.

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