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Our Journey to a Better Billing System

As a Virtual Guardians customer, you deserve the best service possible, including a smooth and reliable billing system. We want to share with you our journey to improve our billing system and how it will benefit you.

We started with Quickbooks, a popular accounting software, but we soon realized that it did not support recurring billing. This meant that we had to manually create and send invoices to you every month, which was time-consuming and prone to errors.

We then switched to Stripe, an online payment platform, to solve two problems. First, we wanted to automate the recurring billing process, so that you would receive your invoices and pay them without any hassle. Second, we wanted to provide you with a user portal, where you could manage your account, view your invoices, and update your payment information.

However, Stripe did not meet our expectations. The user portal was not user-friendly or easy to administer, and we received feedback from some of you that it was confusing and frustrating. Moreover, Stripe made some billing errors on the recurring billing for some of our customers, which caused inconvenience and dissatisfaction.

That's why we decided to move back to Quickbooks, which has added the recurring billing capability that we needed. We also found a great portal that integrates with Quickbooks and offers a better user experience. Over the next two months, we will be transitioning all of our customers to the new billing system. We will contact you individually to guide you through the process and ensure that your billing remains accurate during the transition.

We appreciate your patience and cooperation as we make this change. We believe that this will improve our service quality and customer satisfaction. Thank you for being a Virtual Guardians customer.

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