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VG is adding Akixi Reporting to help your business grow - Business Phone System Reporting

Virtual Guardians is excited to announce that we are adding Akixi reporting to Webex Calling, a feature that will help you measure and improve your business impact. With Akixi, you can access detailed and actionable insights into your call performance, such as:

- Which day and time are the most busy for your business

- How long it takes for your team to answer calls

- Which employee is the most productive and efficient

- Which customer is the most demanding and loyal

Akixi also provides you with a 30-day summary of your call data, including:

- The number of received and missed calls

- The average answer and abandon time

- The longest wait time

But the best part is that Akixi gives you a list of unreturned calls, so you can follow up with those potential customers who might have slipped away. If you consider your average deal size or ARPU (average revenue per user), gaining one customer you would otherwise have missed will result in that much extra revenue.

Don't let a missed call cost you a sale. Try Akixi reporting today and see the difference it can make for your Webex Calling experience.

Pricing starts at $3.60/month/user. Consider how few extra deals you would need to win for it to pay for itself.

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