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Why Choose
Virtual Guardians?


Proven Knowledge

As a Cisco Webex Certified collaboration and business telephone company, Virtual Guardians can offer improved collaboration, communication, and customer service to their clients. By leveraging the expertise and tools provided by Cisco Webex, Virtual Guardians can optimize their workflows and increase efficiency, leading to improved productivity and reduced costs. With the ability to set up virtual meetings and provide remote support, Virtual Guardians can offer faster and more effective assistance to their clients, leading to higher levels of customer satisfaction. Overall, being Cisco Webex Certified enables Virtual Guardians to stay competitive in the market and provide better services to their clients.


Deep Industry Experience

Virtual Guardians has a team with extensive industry experience, making them well-qualified to support the company's business phone systems, collaboration, and LAN technology. With over 25 years of experience in the telecom industry, the team has a deep understanding of business phone systems and communication technology, including VoIP, SIP, and PBX systems. They also have experience in designing and implementing LAN networks, including routing and switching technologies. Additionally, the team has expertise in collaboration technologies, such as video conferencing and online messaging. Their experience and knowledge enable them to provide effective solutions and support for Virtual Guardians' clients, helping them to improve their communication and collaboration capabilities while ensuring the reliability and security of their systems.


Unbeatable Customer Service and Support

Virtual Guardians provides white glove customer support, backed by Cisco Systems' 7x24x365 follow-the-sun support. This division of customer support enables Virtual Guardians to offer personalized and responsive service to their clients, while leveraging Cisco's global expertise and resources. With white glove support, Virtual Guardians can offer tailored solutions to their clients' unique needs, ensuring a high level of customer satisfaction. Additionally, Cisco's follow-the-sun support ensures that any issues or concerns are addressed promptly and efficiently, regardless of the time or location. This division of customer support allows Virtual Guardians to offer a comprehensive and reliable service to their clients, ensuring their business phone systems, collaboration, and LAN technology are always running smoothly.

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