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Streamline Client Communication with Cisco Webex: Text-Only Direct Numbers

In the modern business landscape, effective communication with clients is essential. However, maintaining a consistent client experience while managing multiple points of contact can be challenging. Fortunately, with Cisco Webex, you can now simplify your client communication by using assigned numbers for texting while keeping calling options centralized. In this blog post, we'll explore a practical use case where a customer wants to achieve this balance effortlessly.

Use Case Scenario:

Imagine you run a thriving organization with multiple team members responsible for interacting with clients. You understand the importance of providing your clients with a consistent experience when they contact your business. You also recognize the convenience and effectiveness of text messaging for certain interactions.

Your challenge is to enable your team to communicate with clients via text, but you want to maintain a single, central number for client calls. The goal is to ensure that clients always reach your main number when they want to speak over the phone, promoting a unified and professional image for your business.

Solution with Cisco Webex: Text-Only Direct Numbers

Cisco Webex provides an innovative solution to this challenge. You can assign direct numbers to individual team members for text messaging while keeping the main number exclusive for voice calls. Here's how you can implement this solution as an Administrator in Webex Control Hub:

1. Assign Text-Only Direct Numbers:

With Cisco Webex, you can allocate unique direct numbers to each team member responsible for text communication. These numbers will be dedicated exclusively to text messaging, ensuring that clients receive prompt and efficient responses via text without any confusion.

2. Configure Incoming call permissions:

Select Users, click on the User Name, then click Calling. Scroll down to the Call handling section and select Incoming call permissions. Select the Custom settings radio button and set External calls to Allow for transfer. All callers to this number will hear the message "The number you are trying to reach is not able to receive your call."

3. Promote Main Number:

Publicize your main business number as the primary point of contact for voice calls in all your communications. This ensures that clients will call the central number when they want to speak with your team over the phone, maintaining the professionalism and uniformity of your client interactions.

Benefits of Using Cisco Webex for This Use Case:

- Consistency:

Clients will always reach your main number for voice calls, ensuring a consistent and professional experience.

- **Efficiency**: Team members can focus on text communication without worrying about incoming calls, improving response times.

- **Flexibility**: Clients have the option to choose between text and voice communication based on their preferences.

- **Organization**: With dedicated numbers for text messaging, it's easier to manage and track client interactions.

By leveraging Cisco Webex's capabilities, you can effectively manage client communication, providing the flexibility of text messaging while maintaining a centralized calling experience. This solution ensures that your clients receive the best of both worlds - quick text responses and a consistent voice communication channel.

In conclusion, Cisco Webex empowers you to enhance your client communication strategy by offering dedicated text-only direct numbers, thus preserving the integrity of your main business number for voice calls. This use case demonstrates how technology can streamline your interactions with clients, making your business more efficient and client-focused.

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